14 Rue Poissonniers92200 NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE +33 1 73 29 76 33

14 Rue Poissonniers

92200 NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE +33 1 73 29 76 33

Our expertise


Recruitment :

Of independent directors, CEOs, executives, we intervene through direct approach for research on the whole French territory, as well as abroad.

We carry out a wide variety of missions in Construction, Real estate and Retail (cf. “our areas of intervention” section).

We also carry out “transverse” missions for Finance and Accounting departments, Legal departments, Communication and marketing departments, Human Resources departments, Digital departments…

Evaluation and cohesion of teams :

Before a transfer, a promotion or a rearrangement of teams, we propose to evaluate your collaborators in order to define the strengths and potentials of each one of them, the complementarity between teams and the necessary advancing axes for the realisation or the establishment of the strategy and the objectives designed.

Consultancy :

We support you in the decision-making process concerning your organisation, your search for partners, your salary policy, your image in the eyes of your employees or your future collaborators; we help you through different kinds of intervention: remuneration studies, referential organisation in your sector, lobbying, networking.